Can I pay by cheque or in cash? 

Moda Art only accepts payment by credit/debit card, paypal, and bank transfer in Singapore Dollars only. We apologise that we cannot accept payment via cheque or cash.


A painting I like is sold out, can it be replicated?

Paintings which are reflected as "SOLD" on our website, can be reproduced by our artists. However, reproduced paintings may not be exactly identical to the original reflected on our website. Price for reproduction may also vary from the original. Get in touch with us through our contact page or via email at to find out more.


How long will it take for a painting to be delivered? 

Moda Art is an international business. Paintings ordered have to be shipped and transported from overseas galleries to your delivery address. If your delivery address is in Singapore, the estimated time it takes for delivery is 4 to 8 weeks. If your delivery address is outside of Singapore, delivery may take longer. However, currently, due to the unpredictable nature of covid measures taken in different countries, and disruptions to logistics chains, shipping may be delayed. In such cases, we will keep you informed, and delivery may taken longer than the expected 4 to 8 weeks. Reproduction pieces may take longer than 8 weeks.


Does Moda Art deliver to my country?

Moda Art is an international business and will strive to make delivery to an address of your choosing anywhere in the world. Kindly provide us with your full address when making your purchase in order to assist us in ensuring a smooth delivery to you.


How much will I be charged for delivery?

Delivery to an address in Singapore or peninsular Malaysia is free of charge. However, where delivery is to an address outside of Singapore or peninsular Malaysia, a delivery charge is applicable. Said delivery charge will vary depending on the destination. The delivery charge will be stated on the payment page before you make payment.


What are the different types of paintings Moda Art sells?

Moda Art sells paintings which come in different styles and mediums, although we deal primarily in oil and acrylic paintings. Styles include impressionist art, 3-dimensional oil paintings, modern, abstract, amongst others. You may browse the different types of paintings in our Collections section.


Does my painting come with a frame?

All paintings ordered from Moda Art come with a complimentary frame included. The frame is a black wooden or synthetic frame made-to-measure to fit your painting perfectly. Moda Art reserves the right to furnish you with a frame of a different colour should a black frame not be available.


Can I choose not to have a frame?

All paintings purchased from Moda Art come with a complimentary frame included. If you choose not to have a frame, the price for the painting and delivery charge will nevertheless be the same i.e. no discount will be given even if you choose not to have the frame.


Do I have to do anything before I display my painting?

All paintings purchased from Moda Art come ready to hang. No assembly or framing is needed. Just buy and display. Entirely fuss-free.


I am confused by the pictures shown on the Site. Why are there two or three pictures of one painting?

Paintings in the Catalog pages are cropped into squares. To view the actual dimensions of the painting that you are interested in, kindly click on the painting to access the product page of that painting. In the product page, you may view (1) a picture of the painting in proportion to its actual size, as well as (2) a close up picture of the painting.


What is the width and height of the painting?

The dimensions of each painting can be found on each painting's product page. The width of each painting is always stated first, followed by its height. E.g. 95 x 65 refers to the width being 95cm and the height being 65cm.


I don't like any of the paintings, can I commission a painting instead?

Certainly, if you would like to commission a painting, do let us know (by getting in touch with us through our contact page or via email at

(a) What size painting you would like (width and height)

(b) Medium (oil painting / water colour / sketch etc)

(c) A photo or description of what you would like painted / sketched.